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Plants are not just decorative items for your home and office, rather it has many health benefits. As a businessman. or businesswoman, it will be intelligent to invest in a greener office as the health and productivity of your employees will benefit you. There are beneficial and healthy reasons why enthusiasts are so interested in office plants and promoting them.

Increase in productivity

If you are a businessperson, productivity will drive your profit up, and also happy employees will be more productive. The more productive a person, the faster he will solve problems. He will be able to be more attentive and quicker to find solutions to harder problems. So, a productive employee can earn you better opportunities and revenue, so invest in productivity and well being. To increase productivity, try to keep as comfortable an environment as possible, with regular breaks. Also, try to assign the right job to the right person to ensure a better quality of work and unnecessary stress. In addition, add productivity through indoor plants as it is scientifically proven to increase productivity in humans.

Stress reduction

If you are at an office or workplace, you can’t avoid stress; rather it becomes your everyday companion. It becomes a part of your life that you can’t avoid, but greenery around definitely helps to curb it. Studies reveal that plants help diminish problems caused by stress like anxiety, fatigue, depression, and hostility. Also, not only for nature lovers, in general people find greenery very serene and calm. The plants not only deduct stress but also keeps the employees healthy, thus increasing productivity gains. Scientists also say that plants help to boost confidence and mental health other than the surge in productivity levels.

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Pleasing environment for new job applicants

Plants other than being beneficial add beauty and life to every corner of the room. They bring life and colour to a boring and monotonous office room. Go for specific plants which can grow unless light if there is barely any sunlight in your office room. In addition, spend less on artificial stuff while decorating your office space, and go for these beneficial beauties.

Many employees prefer office plants & might just select to work at your place cause of your attractive and beneficial decor. Also, it makes them think that the company and the boss are concerned about the well being of their employees. 

Boost concentration and creativity

Plants in a room give a natural vibe and have improved creativity and concentration levels in people. The greenery around inspire people who face creative blockage and thus help them come up with better ideas. Especially if you are a company that deals with art or some creativity, get office plants to increase productivity, though any business needs creative ideas. Moreover, plants boost the oxygen level while decreasing the carbon dioxide one, & thus resulting in better function of the brain.

Cut down sick leaves

If the workers get less ill, fewer sick leaves will be, so try to keep them healthy and happy. Studies say that the mind affects both physical and mental health. So, stress and poor mental health or depression can harm the employees physically too. So keep office plants as they diminish the chances of getting ill. According to the study by Human Spaces, 58% of the workers out of 7600 have no indoor plants in their office. This research included people from 16 countries & researchers found that 15% of employees have better health due to indoor plants.

Some indoor plants

Fruit Salad Plant- Monstera deliciosa: This plant needs a humid and warm environment and is thus perfect as an office plant. They have large leaves and are thus very effective in curbing air pollution. But their leaves are toxic, so be careful not to let any pet or kid put it in the mouth. There are also many other plants like Bromeliaceae – Nidularium Billbergioide, Prayer Plant – Maranta Leuconeura, etc.

Some tips and tricks to bring greenery in your office

Keep some things in mind while you are investing in decorating your office with plants.

Go for live, green, and leafy plants, as those are the most beneficial. Though flowering plants are great and eye soothers, studies show that greens are the best. So, buy ferns or succulent plants, but never buy artificial ones as those will not give any above benefits.

Always keep the sizing in mind while you are ordering or buying plants. The plant size or the pot size should not exceed or come between your main walking area.

If you are redecorating your office with plants, you can buy those indoor plants which you can connect to or those that excites you.

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