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YOU season 1 opens with Beck entering a book store where Joe works. Joe begins to analyze his obsession. On his way back home, Joe talks with his neighbor’s son, Paco. Joe goes inside and investigates Beck’s social media account. Joe finds Beck’s address online and begins to stalk her in her real life.

Beck finds out that his boyfriend Benji was cheating on her. Joe takes his neighbor’s son Paco to a book store giving him a tour before taking him back home and confronting Paco’s mother about her abusive boyfriend.

Joe breaks into Becks’ home and starts investigating her laptop. Beck goes out with friends to a bar. At the party, she gets drunk and goes home and stumbles onto a Subway track. She falls where Joe saves her from an oncoming train and steals her phone. Joe locks Benji down the basement in the book store and hits him over the head before trapping him in a cage. He is now connected with beck with the stolen phone.

How did Joe kill Benji in YOU season 1?

Benji Remains kidnapped in the Bookstore basement. Joe and Beck go on their first date and become close. During a book release, Joe stops Paco from going into the basement and exposing the secret. Beck then blackmails her professor to keep her TA position with another advisor at the University. Beck and Joe share their first kiss at the book store, where Joe goes downstairs and kills Benji. They start dating, and he continuous to manipulate his way into Beck’s life by helping her find a new bed. Beck’s friend peach faints a stomach sickness that Begins to create problems in the relationship between beck and Joe.

Beck wants to know more about Joe. Joe takes her to the basement and shows her a cage to give her some insight as to who he is. He continued to stalk beck through her stolen phone. Beck then meets Joe at the Dickens festival and tells him a story about her father’s Overdose. After a heart-to-heart conversation with her father, Beck is inspired and begins writing.

Joe becomes more involved in Becks’ life like being a part of girls’ night. Joe begins to investigate peach who was threatening his relationship. He starts stalking Peach on her morning Run and where she goes to work to get a better understanding of her Psych. Peach did not plan a party at Joe’s book store so that beck can meet a publisher. Joe steals peach’s laptop and reveals that she has planted sabotage on bags writing career. Joe manages to hack peach’s laptop and finds a lot of pictures of Beck.

you season 1

Why did Joe breaks into Peach’s house?

Peach interrupts their relationship with another fake illness. Joe begins to see that he is losing this tug of war and decides to injure Peach with the rock during a morning run. Joe visits Peach a week after the assault and learns that she is on to him. He tries to tell back the truth about Peach but beck refuses to listen to him. Joe gets into a car accident and injured his head which causes him to hallucinate about his ex-girlfriend Candace. Joe breaks into Peach’s house and continues to think about Candace.

How did Joe kill Peach in YOU season 1 ?

Peach and Beck get into a heated argument as Beck wants to go back to Joe but peach disapproves of their relationship. Joe manages to escape and shoot Peach and kill her.
Joe thinks that there is a problem in his relationship and went back to talk to his therapist Dr. Nikki. He suspects that doctor Nikki is another obstacle he needs to overcome. Lynn decided to throw a surprise party at a book store In which beck was late because of Dr. Nikki.
Joe begins to distress Beck and becomes distant in the relationship. He goes back to stalking to confirm his suspicions about Beck cheating on him with Dr. Nikki. Beck catches Joe following her and breaks up with Joe. He has trouble moving on from the relationship.

Why did Joe break up with Karen in YOU season 1 ?

Joe continues to see doctor Nikki and moves his relationship forward with Karen. After some days, Joe and Beck bump into each other near the food truck and begin talking. Joe then becomes a cheat on Karen and comes back with Beck. He breaks up with Karen because he believes that Beck is perfect for him. Joe then begins to remember about candace, and Beck continues to investigate candace by asking questions. He then confronts her suspicions by introducing her to Mr. Mooney, who is responsible for teaching him everything he knows.

How did Beck get to know the truth about Joe in YOU ?

Joe gets to know that Beck was cheating on him with the therapist. Beck searches above the toilet in Joe’s bathroom and finds a box of her things he stole and items stolen from his murder victims. Joe then realizes that Beck knows the truth about him and stops her from leaving the apartment.

He traps her in the cage and admits his murders. Beck tries to escape the cage and begins to write a story about her life. Joe is questioned by a private investigator over the death of Peach. Paco continues his fight against his mother’s boyfriend and, Joe intervenes and kills the boyfriend.

How does Beck gets killed?

Beck completes her book and successfully manages to escape the cage and lock joe. Joe manages to get free and catches beck and kills her. Becks’ book is published. Dr. Nikki gets arrested for Beck’s Murder and the season ends with the big reveal that Candace is not dead.

Cast of YOU season 1

Penn Badgley plays the role of Joe Goldberg and Elizabeth Lail plays the role of Guinevere Beck. YOU Season 1 consists of total 10 episodes.

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