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We all are excited about the release of Marvel Movie Eternals. One more fact adding to our happiness is that the Marvel Movie Eternals is full of Indian elements and even includes a Bollywood dance which will be performed by Kumail Nanjiani aka Kingo.

In an interview, Richard Madden and Gemma shared their feelings about the song as well as the dance. Madden said, “Oh, I loved it! It was amazing! It was absolutely amazing and the dances are so brilliant and the costumes, everything about it. I was blown away. It’s just so beautiful and elegant. And to being up there, up close and see everyone’s work, it’s stunning,”

Gemma and Richard Madden also wished their Indian fans a very “Happy Diwali”.

Chan was also asked if she faced any pressure in leading a great movie like Eternals. She said- “Gosh! Yeah, of course! Of course, you don’t want to let the side down. You want to do a good job. I feel so honored and lucky to be back for a second time playing this completely different character,” Gemma said, “But, I also feel that I’m surrounded by such an incredible, talented cast. Everyone has their moment to shine, I really feel that in the film. So, I feel like kind of ‘together’ is something that we all share, telling this story.”

Why is the Marvel Movie “Eternals” banned in Arab countries?

The marvel movie Eternals also stars Phastos. He is the first gay superhero in Marvel Cinematic Universe. We recently got to know that Eternals was banned in Saudi Arabia and several other Arab countries.

The movie was about to release on November 11. The role of Phastos will be played by Brian Tyree Henry. The famous actor, Haaz Sleiman, who came up as gay plays the character of Ben. According to sources, people in Saudi Arabia and several other Arab countries are not happy with the inclusion of LGBTQ characters and a close scene between Ben and Phastos in the Marvel movie.

Angelina Jolie also reacted on the ban of Eternals in these countries.

“I’m sad [those audiences]..And I’m proud of Marvel who refused to cut those scenes, “ she said.

The actress added that she “doesn’t understand how we live in a world we’re still in. Wouldn’t see family phastos [referring to the superhero character who played gay in the movie] Has the beauty of that relationship and that love. “

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