Victoria Pedretti Dylan Arnold

Our favorite “You” co-stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold recently sparked some romance and dating rumors. Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold were spotted enjoying each other’s company and hanging out in Los Angeles during the weekend.

Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold were snapped together on Sunday when they were busy carrying out some errands and collecting some groceries and other goods.

Dylan Arnold was seen holding some items of toiletries and other goods. Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold are famous for their roles of Love Quinn and Theo Engler on the super-hit Netflix show “You”.

Victoria Pedretti Dylan Arnold

Victoria Pedretti was seen holding some cardboard boxes which seemed to have some pastries. Both Victoria Pedretti and Dylan wore casual clothes. Victoria Pedretti wore a Dodgers T-shirt, a navy blue colored blazer, grey slacks, and covered her face with a mask. Dylan Arnold wore a loose T-shirt, high-water slacks, and brown colored loafers.

However, they both changed their clothes later during the day. Pedretti later wore a black colored polka dot shirt, jeans, and a leather jacket with sneakers. Arnold was seen wearing a black colored T-shirt and dark denim shorts.

Dylan Arnold

There have been claims from some sources that claim that the rumored couple made some entries to the popular Instagram blind-items account Deuxmoi.

The Instagram item had the tagline “New Cute Couple: You.”

“Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold (the guy who played the role of Theo in S3 of YOU) are dating and she’s pretty crazy about him!!” it said.

Victoria Pedretti and Arnold have not yet spoken anything about their bond.

Victoria Pedretti Dylan Arnold

Who is Victoria Pedretti?

Victoria Pedretti was born on March 23 in 1995). She is an American actress. Victoria Pedretti starred in the Netflix series named The Haunting. She won an MTV award and was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award and a Saturn Award. Victoria Pedretti is currently seen in the role of Love Quinn in the Netflix series You. 

Who is Dylan Arnold?

Dylan Arnold is a famous American actor. He is well-known for his role of Noah in the movie After (2019), After We Collided, Cameron Elam in Halloween, and its sequel, Halloween Kills (2021), and Theo in the netflix show You.

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