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If you are someone who is a sports fanatic, you would want to watch the sports content live. If you have nothing to watch live in terms of sports, you would want to watch a sports movie. Whether the movie is all about baseball, basketball, cricket and practically anything about sports, you would definitely find it one of the excellent options. We thought of checking out the best sports movies on Netflix that you would want to watch in 2021.

Top 20 Best Sports Movies on Netflix in 2021

The sports fans would definitely want to check out a few of the great sports movies on Netflix. Let us check out a few of the outstanding and inspirational sports movies on Netflix. 


Pele is a name that does not have any sort of introduction. Even when you have a passing interest in football, you would have heard a lot about football. The 2021 Netflix documentary on Pele should be one of the choicest options to capture the man behind the legend. 

This is one of the Best Sports Movies on Netflix that has a complete mix of archival footage and interviews. The movie captures his life right from when Pele was a young guy to becoming a national hero. You would even find Pele himself in the movie. The hardcore fans of Pele should definitely find it an extremely rewarding movie ever. 

Real Steel

The movie was released in 2011 and was an immediate crowd puller. The movie belongs to a hybrid of a sports cum science fiction genre. Written by the sci-fi author Richard Matheson, the movie has a retired boxer who looks to train a robot to contend in a futuristic boxing championship where robots are expected to compete. 

The plot may appear to be quite ridiculous in more ways than one, but the boxing fans will indeed find it one of the promising options to enjoy. The movie does come with a huge number of sports cliches, but you would find the science fiction setting one of the unique options offered by the movie. The futuristic setting of the movie should definitely be one of the exciting options. 

Bleed For This

This is a movie that focuses on outlining one of the historical comebacks in sporting history. The movie is a biographical movie based on the life of the world champion boxer Vinny Pazienza. The protagonist survives a car crash with a broken neck and can never think of returning to the ring ever again. 

The movie follows the recovery of the boxer and his tenacity in regaining strength once again. There have been several movies that speak of comebacks, but the true story of the movie would make it one of the strongest options ever. 

The Dawn Wall

This is one of the prominent sports documentaries on Netflix. The movie follows the lives of climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson. They both are attempting free climbing the vertical, 3000ft Dawn Wall of El Capitan. If they succeed, this would be the first time in the history of humankind. 

The mission took almost six years for the duo, including meticulous planning. The fears of heights can indeed be something that you may not be comfortable with, but how the duo takes the lead can be inspiring. 


This sports movie on netflix provides you with a sketch into the life of boxing champion Billy. He has risen from low life and been able to achieve a loving family life ever. Billy loses his loving life, and he is broken. The movie is one of the excellent options for enjoying and experiencing a dramatic story of a champion boxer. 

He wants to take back the custody of his daughter from the family care service. He decides to enter the ring once again and revive himself. The boxing scenes are shot in a variety of angles, and that should be one of the huge highlights of the movie. The solid muscular body, the aggressive fight sequences and bruises add up more value to the movie. 

Million Dollar Baby

Directed by Clint Eastwood, the movie stars Hillary Swank, Morgan Freeman and Eastwood. This sports movie on Netflix is about a woman who wants to be a boxer. It also showcases her relationship with the coach and the personal issues faced by the three major characters. You would find the movie providing you access to a stellar performance by all the actors. 

The movie won four Oscars, and that should indicate the essence and greatness of the movie. It should be one of the prominent Hollywood sports movies to watch. 

Space Jam

It may not be a sports movie in the real sense of the word, But you would find that it offers you a very decent experience in terms of an enjoyable experience ever. It can be one of the right choices for a great kid’s sports movie ever. 

The movie showcases Michael Jordan, an all-time popular basketballer, teaming up with Looney Toons to defeat the team of aliens. The aliens have stolen the skills of the NBA players. The movie is geared towards the kids and can be a fun movie indeed! The movie also involves Bill Murray.


If you love martial arts movies, this sports movie on netflix should be one of the excellent choices for your needs. This movie was released in 1988 and stars Jean-Claude Van Damme. It is one of the best sports movie that focuses on the life of the American martial artist. 

The movie is based on the claims made by the real Frank Dux. The movie would feature an all-time great sports movie villain, Chong Li. Movie provides you access to a great experience, and it is a great option for those goosebumps experiences. 


The sports movie is quite focused on doping and tries to discover the things that go behind doping. This movie attempts to demonstrate how easy it can be to get away even after you have done doping in a competitive sport. 

The sports movie on netflix tries to establish that the screening methods used for doping are quite inefficient. The movie is indeed two documentaries combined into one. The movie is all about the science of doping and how it works. 

Nacho Libre

If you have watched the Jack Black movies, you will find that he is known well for his comedy timing. Though the movie may be one of the best sports movies ever, it comes with the high-end options for a comedy centric movie with a sports background. 

The physical comedy in the movie with a sports backdrop can make it a promising option in the long run. A sports movie with a unique background, this one should make you fall in love with it. 

Coach Carter

Coach Carter is a sports film that focuses on becoming a sports coach if you have the right approach towards the game. The sports goods shop owner becomes a basketball coach and helps manage a high school basketball team. The actor Samuel L Jackson lives up to the expectations as a strict and righteous coach. 

The movie is based on a true story and showcases the life and success of basketball coach Ken Carter. The story of the coach from the 90s can make it one of the promising movies ever. 

Athlete A

The 2020 movie can be yet another sports-centric movie that offers you access to a controversial story. It talks about the USA Gymnastics s** abuse scandal that rocked the nation in 2016. The movie has over 400 sportspersons who alleged the coaches and gym owners of assault. 

The movie traces the reporter from the Indianapolis Star and focuses primarily on individual reports. The original movie from Netflix it should be one of the excellent sports movies ever. 

High Flying Bird

The movie High Flying Bird is one of the classics from the director Steven Soderbergh. The movie is largely based on the real-life 2011 NBA lockout. It is a movie about sports agent Ray Burke (Andre Holland) as he works alongside rookie player Erick Scott (Melvin Gregg), who want to take up an opportunity to end the lockout. 

This sports movie on netflix was shot on an iPhone, which should be yet another reason you should watch it. The story and the performances are one of the best and showcase the money behind the game than the actual game itself. 

Enter The Dragon

It is the movie from 1973 but has remained a popular and most-watched sports-centric movie ever. Based on the martial arts, the movie can indeed be a worthy option that would provide you with a high if you are a Bruce Lee fan. That was the last movie by Lee.

The movie has been parodied and referenced as one of the classic movies ever. It has been a movie that has become influential on every other martial arts movie ever. You would fall in love with the performance of Bruce Lee and his blessed presence. 

The Battered Bastards of Baseball

The 2014 documentary is all about rooting for an underdog team. The movie talks about the old minor league Class-A baseball team, the Portland Mavericks. The team existed through the five seasons that would run from 1973 through 1977.

An original Netflix production, the movie has a good number of real characters. The story is quite compelling and entertaining. Even if you are not a sports fan, you will find it a rewarding option ever. 


This is yet another movie by Clint Eastwood that makes it into this list. The historical sports drama is based on the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The plot also has nelson Mandela rallying behind South Africa’s rugby team. The movie showcases both on sports and the dismantling of apartheid. It should be one of the right choices for a rugby fan.

The historical context in the movie and history into how the country clears itself from the apartheid era. Apart from the sports part, you would love Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela. He gives a very fitting and wonderful performance as a powerful leader.


The 2013 movie is indeed quite unseen, but it does pack in a very solid performance. It is a movie that focuses on the rivalry between the two Formula One drivers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). The movie is set during the 1976 Formula One racing season.

This sports movie on netflix comes with an action-oriented, mean-spirited plot and portrayal. The car racing sequences are quite interesting and suspenseful to the core. The lead actors, their animosity, and the great moments in the movies impress a lot. 


The sport during the Cold war period was quite interesting and unique in its own right. The Olympics and other sports events were a true showdown between the US and Soviet Union. This movie focuses on the hockey match between the all-powerful Soviet union team and the hodgepodge US team in the 1980 Olympics. 

The preparations by the American team for the huge event and the non-traditional coaching by college hockey coach Herb Brooks from the main plot of the movie. The semi-final match and the “Miracle on Ice” would make it a very rewarding experience as a great sports movie on Netflix. 

Q Ball

Are you a basketball fan? The movie would perhaps appeal a lot to you in such a scenario. The plot follows the Warriors basketball team made up of inmates at San Quentin Prison. You would also find that it offers you a great experience in terms of the best football comedy. 

The game sequences in the movie can be quite interesting, but you would also find a great degree of entertainment through the player’s stories which can be quite captivating. If you love team sport and spirit, this one is the right movie that you would want to explore. 

Soul Surfer

Surfing is a unique game, and perhaps not many movies are centred around it. It is all about a surfer who has lost an arm in a shark attack. The movie chronicles the recovery of the athlete. It also showcases the determination of the player. 

If you love inspirational stories, you will indeed fall in love with the movie. The biography is quite a great option for commitment and hope. It can double up as an exceptional option for sports movies on Netflix. 


Sports movies always have a unique nature of being inspirational. Even when you are not directly involved in any sporting genre, the story and the plot should be a great option as an inspirational and motivational experience. We assume the list of the top 20 sports movies on Netflix in this compilation make it a prominent choice for most of the needs that you may have. Check them out and experience one of the best streaming experiences ever. 

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