To All The Boys I Have Loved Before Spinoff

“To all the boys I have loved before” spin-off series will soon come to Netflix. Netflix announced on October 18 that the concept will return to the small screen very soon. Anna Cathcart will be seen in a reprised role of Kitty. The spin-off series will be named “XO Kitty.” 

Inspired from the book written by the famous author Jenny Han, the movie franchise To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before showcases a story of a shy and sweet teenage girl named Lara Jean Covey. The story revolves around love interests and crushes. Whenever Lara Jean Covey likes a boy, she used to write a letter in which she confessed all her feelings. She kept these letters safe in a box and never sent them to the boys.

One day, accidentally the letters reach all the boys and eventually, she falls in love with a boy amongst them. The name of this boy is Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo). The romantic comedy was a huge success. It became one of the most viewed movies on Netflix. There are two sequels to this movie-  P.S. I Still Love You (2020) and Always and Forever (2021). 

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Plot of “To all the boys I have loved before” spin-off series

The spin-off series of To All The Boys I have loved before will revolve around the story of Lara Jean’s younger sister, Kitty Song Covey. She was introduced as the younger sister in the first part of the movie series. She was the one who sent all the letters to the boys. In this spin-off series, fan will see the love interest of Kitty Song Covey.

What is the release date of “To all the boys I have loved before” spin-off series ?

The spin-off series will comprise 10 episodes. Each episode will be of around 30 minutes. Han and Rothchild will be seen as the executive producers along with Matt Kaplan as a part of ACE Entertainment. No release date is set for the release of this spin-off series. However, fans can expect the release in 2022.

Who is Anna Cathcart ?

Anna Cathcart was seen for the first time as the lead role of Agent Olympia. This role was showcased in the children’s series named Odd Squad. She won a Canadian screen award and a Daytime Emmy nomination for this performance. Her other performances include the role of Dizzy in the Descendants and the role of Young Drizella in the famous TV drama Once Upon a Time

Who is Lana Condor?

Lana Condor is famous for her role of Lara Jean Covey in the Neflix’s movie series- To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ trilogy. She was seen for the first time in role of Jubilee in 2016’s ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.

Who is Noah Centineo ?

Noah Centineo is well-known for his role in Neflix’s movie series- To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’. He was also seen in the role of Jesus Adams Foster in the three seasons of television series The Fosters.

Have a look at the trailer of To All The Boys: Always and Forever:

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