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The new friendship between Penn Badgley and Cardi B is growing more strong. The You star Penn Badgley sent a loving gift to Cardi B. This gift was a housewarming gift as Cardi B recently bought a new house in New York.

The gift is a navy hat that is same as that of the main character’s stalking hat in the Netflix show YOU. The hat is stitched with his famous greeting, “Hello, you.” 

Cardi B posted a picture on her social media account of the gift. She also showed a note written on it. “My stalking and killing may make me a certified freak seven days a week, but it also bought me to….you. Cardi B, you have a way with social media. You’re meaningful. Substantive. I just like you. You’re authentic and nuanced…just as you are with your music. You keep me on my toes, the ones that are left, at least. You can’t be caged in, and it’s refreshing. Can’t wait to see you slaying in this hat, but I certainly hope you don’t disappear.”

This friendship started in the month of October when Cardi B took to her Twitter account and retweet a video starring Penn Badgley.

In that video, Penn Badgley was seen admiring Cardi B. He said, “Cardi B is a great example of that. She has an authentic relationship [with social media]. It’s like this incredibly nuanced place to be, and despite what many might judge as ‘antics’ and all this, I feel like she has an incredibly authentic relationship to [social media] and that’s why people like her so much.” Cardi saw the video and wrote: “OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!! OMMMGGGG!!!!!!Yoooo like I’m famous famous,” she wrote in the caption.

On this response by Cardi B, Penn retweeted and wrote, “I-” to express his shock. After this Cardi B tagged Penn Badgley in a video that includes a small boy who gets close to the camera and says, “Is that you? Is that me?” He adds, “No that’s not!”

After some time, it was noticed that Cardi B and Penn changed their profile pictures on Twitter to each other’s photos.

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