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Penn Badgley was recently seen on the famous show Jimmy Kimmel Live. He talked about his role in YOU season 3. The Jimmy Kimmel Live show starts with the host saying that Penn Badgley is a very strong name. The host- Jimmy Kimmel said that this name can be anything from a senator to a real estate agent.

Responding to this, Penn Badgley revealed how he got his name.

He said that his name comes from a tennis ball. Penn Badgley said that he was the size of the tennis ball. Penn’s mom said this while bouncing a tennis ball to his father.

The host of the show then discussed some other alternatives for Penn’s name. Penn Badgley then discussed how the show name “YOU” is quite confusing. He said that the name being a pronoun is a little problematic.

Jimmy Kimmel then discussed the long voiceovers of Penn Badgley in the show “YOU”.

Penn Badgley says that “it’s a lot of narration”. He added that around 80 percent of his lines in the show are voiceovers. Penn said that many times he used to go to work and he did not have any lines and he used to just look at the camera during the shoot. He added that many times the scene is just like a drone at the back and Penn thinking while looking into the camera.
Penn Badgley also revealed that he started on a children’s radio show in Seattle on the Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Kimmel then talked about Penn’s new friendship with Cardi B.

He showed her Twitter reaction to Penn Badgley. The host also showed the changed profile picture of Penn Badgley’s Twitter account. Cardi B also changed her profile picture on Twitter. Penn revealed that there is actually a petition to make Cardi B a part of YOU season 4.

Penn Badgley wore a wine-colored suit with a turtle-neck sweater of the same color on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He also wore a Mont Blanc watch and a pair of leather shoes.

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