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The famous Eternals actor Salma Hayek recently disclosed that she has signed “multiple” movies deal with Marvel. The actress made her Marvel debut as Ajak in Eternals. The actress said that she may appear in other movies of Marvel too. Salma Hayek said, “I did sign multiple movie deals… That doesn’t mean they’re going to put me in it.”

She added, “Nothing I could have anticipated, it was kind of funny. It’s so extreme, but at the beginning I was like, ‘What?’ But then it was kind of fun, it was kind of fun being part of this society that you have to protect so fiercely.”

Salma Hayek also expressed her feelings about the huge fanbase of Eternals and Marvel. “Oh yes! They terrified me at the beginning,” she said.

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“They did, because when we went to Comic Con, I’ve never been a theatre that had so many people inside, and they were so passionate about being there, getting all the new details, anything they could get on the future of the Marvel Universe.”

Salma Hayek’s main motive in Eternals was to not disappoint anyone with her character.

She explained: “They are so loyal and so passionate, and it makes you think, ‘Oh boy, I hope I don’t disappoint them!’ Especially because I was a man in the comics, so I confess I was a little nervous. I wanted them to be happy, you know?”

Salma Hayek also told the coolest thing about her character Ajak in Eternals. She also revealed her reaction to the role in the film.

Hayek said, “When they called me, I thought they were going to say, ‘Okay you are gonna be in a Marvel movie. You play the grandma!’ Then I find out I am a superhero, and Chloé [the director] tells me that I’m the leader.”

Hayek then said that she was happy when she learned that there was no consideration of age for her role and recalled that he asked, ‘Is it because I’m older?’ But no, there’s no age. Ajak is not human, so that was really cool.”

The main powers of Ajak lie in his speed, teleportation, strength. this was quite evident from the trailers and teasers. Salma Hayek will be seen playing the role of Ajak in the Eternals. Salma was previously seen in movies like The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, Grown-Ups, From Dusk Till Dawn and many more.

Salma Hayek also revealed that she got emotional when she saw herself in the costume of a superhero.

“When I put it on, I burst into tears. Not like in telenovelas, but the tears came out and I said, ‘What happened here?’ The image of it did something to me and I said, ‘Why?’ I saw my brown face…I saw my brown face in a superhero suit,” Hayek explained

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