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The main attraction of the show Locke and Key Season 1 is without a doubt the magical keys that live within the house. This key house is the ancestral home of the Locke family. This article is going to cover every key that is shown in the first season of Locke and key.

We will also detail all the abilities of these keys. Each key in Locke and Key Season 1 has its abilities. Some of them were incredibly dangerous and some of them were just for fun. Season 1 also features a few keys that are made of the show’s storytelling. Let’s discuss every key discussed in season 1.

Anywhere Key

The anywhere key allows a user to travel anywhere in the world as long as they have seen the door that they want to travel through. The anywhere key is incredibly valuable because it allows the user to virtually go anywhere assuming as we stated before, as they know their destination. The key features concentric rings on the handle, and when inserted into a doorway opens up a portal to anywhere the user wants to go. This key works on any door in the world, and the key also appears to be able to negate the effects of another key.

Mirror Key

The mirror key is interesting because it’s not within the actual comics. It seems to be one of the few different keys that were made up for the show. Let me tell you this key has bad news written all over it. This key essentially opens the door to the prison of the self. When you’re holding the key, you can see a mirror version of yourself with a creepy-looking smile asking you to step into the mirror that’s already a no-go. But when the mirror key is inserted into the mirror it opens a doorway to a mirror world. This world appears almost like a funhouse from the circus and becomes incredibly difficult to navigate. The end goal appears to be trapping the user within the world until they die as evidenced by the multiple bodies found.

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Head Key in Locke and Key Season 1

The head key of Locke and Key Season 1 allows the user to enter their head and view their memories and entirely the whole content within their brain. It shockingly looks like a human head. This key helps to see probably one of the most complicated memories that are difficult to control. Additionally, this key shows memories in a way that you remember them not necessarily in the way they happened. This key signifies that memories we keep in our heads cannot always be trusted. The head key also allows you to bring people and things into your headscape. In season 1, Kinsey was able to remove her sense of fear which alerted her personality and behavior.

Ghost Key

The ghost key is pretty cool as it allows the user to turn into a spectral version of themselves by walking through the door in which the key is inserted. It also leaves the person’s physical body inside the doorway on the floor, which seems like a dead body. The spectral form of a person becomes completely undetectable by other living forms. To return to the body, the person should walk back through the same doorway that their spectral form left. If any other spirit travels through that doorway, then that spirit will inhabit that person’s body. If the doorway is closed, the spirit cannot return through it, and the person will remain in the spectral form indefinitely.

Matchstick Key

The matchstick key when inserted into any object, causes that object to burst into flames. It is another key that is not shown in the comic book. If this key is forcefully inserted into any object, the object catches fire.

Plant Key

The plant key is ambiguous in this show and it only shows up in a single episode. It allows the user to control plants. Rendell and his friends use the plant key to control a tree, and its roots, to pull out Duncan’s memories from underground.

Music Box Key

The music box key has a musical note on it and when inserted into a magical corresponding music box, the music starts playing that can command others to perform specific actions.

Identity Key in Locke and Key Season 1

This key is referred to as gender key in the comics. In the show, the ability of this key is shown completely differently. In the show, it is referred to as a disguise key. When a user inserts this key inside the chin, the identity key transforms the user into another person.

Mending Key

The mending key is the part of the mending cabinet. When a broken item is placed inside the cabinet and the door is closed, and the key is turned, the item gets repaired.

Echo Key

The echo key is one of the scariest keys. It holds the ability to bring back a dead person into the living world as an echo. It binds the person to the well house.

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Shadow Key

The shadow key is a key that is a part of the crown of shadows. The key itself has a candle with a flame on it and the crown. The user who wears this crown can call an infinite number of shadow monsters. The monster can take the form of whatever the person wearing the crown desires. The person wearing the crown can also create a replica of themselves.

Omega Key in Locke and Key Season 1

Omega Key is undoubtedly the most sought-after key in Locke and Key Season 1. It was the first key that was crafted. This key keeps the black door sealed in Locke and Key Season 1. The black door is a pathway to enter another realm of existence.

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