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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have a lot of reasons to celebrate as they have been nominated for a total of six Grammy Awards on Tuesday when the nominations were released. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett gained these nominations for their Cole Porter tribute album, “Love for Sale.”

Lady Gaga also took to her Instagram account and shared her feelings about the Grammy nominations with Tony Benett.

She wrote the caption-“Thank you so much to the @RecordingAcademy for these 6 nominations for Love For Sale. I am stunned and shocked and beyond grateful. I don’t know what to say. I just keep crying and am utterly speechless. This means so much to me, @itstonybennett, the Bennetts, my family, jazz music, and the great Cole Porter who wrote all these timeless classics. I’ll never forget today and congratulating Tony on his 6 nominations. I’ll never forget that today he could track every word I was saying and understood the world was celebrating him and celebrating jazz – a genre that embodies the joy, abundance and imagination of Black music throughout history. Thank you to all the Grammy voters for recognizing me and Tony’s dedication to jazz music and for also recognizing it in major categories where this music is often not nominated. This album happened because it was Tony’s idea and I made him a promise that we would make it and we did. At 95 years old, he has more nominations than ever, I’m so honored to be his companion in music and his friend. Thank you to the public for loving us, we surely love each other, and you. Believe in love and partnership, even with 60 years between us, and Alzheimer’s, there is nothing like the magic of music. I love you Tony, and the world loves you too. How could they not? ❤️”

After the announcement, Lady Gaga was seen on BBC Radio 2’s “The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show”, where she shared her views about Tony Bennett and his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

“Tony is one of my most favorite people on the whole planet and I love him with all my heart. I love his family with all my heart, I love his wife, Susan, with all my heart. I can’t tell you how much I learned from him and what it’s like to sing with a legend for so many years,” Gaga said. “I’ve sung with Tony for almost 10 years, and it’s heartbreaking to watch what he’s going through having Alzheimer’s.”

The “House of Gucci” star added, “If you are with that person that you love, play some music from their childhood and I promise you that they will come to life in a way that is not expected, and not everyone you know, every case is different and everybody’s different, but they’re still there and my heart goes out to you and this album was made while he had Alzheimer’s and we sang it while he had Alzheimer’s and he was still able to do it, I am just floored by him.”

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have previously won a Grammy Award in 2015 for the best traditional pop vocals for the album “Cheek to Cheek.”

The duo recorded a special album, “One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga,” in August. It will air on Sunday on CBS.

One Last Time “brings together the two incredible entertainers, honoring their shared love of the Great American Songbook,” per the official release. It will be Gaga and Bennett’s last and final concert together.

1. “Luck Be a Lady”

2. “Orange Colored Sky.”

3. “Let’s Do It.”

4. “New York, New York.”

Tony Bennett will be performing some of his famous songs, including:

5. “Watch What Happens.”

6. “Steppin’ Out.”

7. “Fly Me to the Moon.”

8. “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.”

The special collaboration with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga for the following duets:

9. “The Lady is a Tramp.”

10. “Love for Sale.”

11. “Anything Goes.”

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