Chris Hemsworth Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are always a happy couple. They prove their bond again and again through their cuteness. Recently, the actor took to his Instagram account and mocked his wife for her “fine European dining skills”. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky were seen enjoying some romantic time in Prague.

The selfie shows Elsa eating ice cream, and some of it also covers her nose. Chris Hemsworth asked Elsa Pataky if she was enjoying eating the ice cream. Elsa readily agreed to him. The actor also asked his wife to remove ice cream from her face, but Elsa could not do it. The actor then told his wife, “It’s all gone…Yum! You look good.”

Chris Hemsworth Elsa Pataky

They share three kids, India Rose Hemsworth, Sasha Hemsworth and Tristan Hemsworth.

Elsa also took to her Instagram account and shared a romantic photo with Chris. She captioned the photo, “When you find the right painting at the right moment!” She also wrote her son’s name hinting that he turned to photography for this lovely click.

Chris Hemsworth Elsa Pataky

A few months back, Chris Hemsworth also revealed why his wife Elsa Pataky did not take up his last name. Chris and Elsa met in 2010.

“I think that she wanted to, I think she still may. I think it was when we were coming back from America. We were living in Europe and deciding where to go. It was a complication of passports and so on,” he said.

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Elsa Pataky also mentioned in an interview that she fell in love with the voice of Chris Hemsworth.

“His voice is amazing! Before I met him, I heard his voice on the phone and that was what I loved. He was probably making it even deeper,” she told Daily Mail. The Marvel actor is 7 years younger than his wife.

Elsa also shared the challenges of marrying someone she just met.

“In the beginning it was beautiful – when I met him he wasn’t known at all and I grew with him and experienced all his successes and changes, and then he became just so huge and I’ve been sharing that too”

“Going through every moment and being there with him with every success was actually a good thing – we grew together. It’s difficult when you go from being an unknown person to a very known person and all the changes that come with that.”

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