Shawn Mendes Camila Cabello

Soon after the split with the singer Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello came up with a new look with different hair colour. She took to her Instagram account and wrote, “Green hair! “I clean up ok.” 

Shawn Mendes Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello announced their split a few days back. Shawn took to his Instagram account and wrote, “Hey guys, we’ve decided to end our romantic relationship, but our love for one another as humans is stronger than ever. We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends. We so appreciate your support from the beginning and moving forward. Camila and Shawn.”

Shawn Mendes Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello started dating in the year 2019. The duo made their relationship official at the MTV Video Awards, and the couple was also seen in the famous song Senorita. 

A source said, “It just wasn’t a relationship that can move forward at this point,” the source said. “It seems the romance just fizzled.”

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Camila Cabello was upset with Shawn initiating the breakup talk.

“It was really hard for a few days but she has been spending a lot of time with friends and keeping busy. She has a huge support system and is feeling renewed now.” According to the source, the pair are “still in communication and want to be friends.”

“The relationship was getting stale and complacent, and they decided they are better off being friends,” the source added.

Shawn and Camila’s breakup was mutual.

“They realized they are in totally different places in their lives at this point, and it was time to end things. They’re both sad about the split, but doing their best to take care of themselves, stay busy and surround themselves by loved ones.”

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello shared a strong bond.

In Glamour’s October global cover story, Cabello said, “For better, for worse, we’re very transparent with each other. I think that’s why we can trust each other so much because it’s a very 3D human relationship.”

Shawn and Camila started their friendship in the year 2015.

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