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Given that the mystery movies have their cult following, we thought of checking out a few of the best mystery movies on Netflix you can binge-watch right away.

All the movies have their own plus and minus points. But, one thing is for sure. Mystery movies, suspense thrillers, and crime shows have their uniqueness attached to them. When watching a mystery movie on the screen, you would want to solve it yourself even before the on-screen plot solves the mystery.

Best Mystery Movies and Series on Netflix 2021

Well, now that we understand the essence of mystery movies, let us now check out the best suspense thrillers and mystery movies in 2021.

Bird Box

The plot of the movie is much impressive and simple. However, it does leave a lot of impressions and provide you with a huge degree of entertainment experience among the best mystery movies on Netflix. An apocalypse event leaves the humans unable to open their eyes outdoors, and they are cursed to die by suicide if they open their eyes when outdoors.

Based on Josh Malerman’s novel of the same name, the movie is directed by Susanne Bier. The story is extremely nerve-jangling and quite interesting, and you would find it to be one of the best monster movies on Netflix.

Jacob’s Ladder

The movie was directed by David M. Rosenthal and was released in 2019. The protagonist loses his brother in combat and then returns from Afghanistan, and he is then pushed into a mind-twisting paranoia condition.

Jacob Singer soon finds out that his brother is not dead and still alive. But, the life ahead does not seem to be the same for him and his brother. The plot thickens as it progresses.


The thriller cum drama movie is one of the great choices for the best mystery movies on Netflix that you can binge-watch. Peter Chelsom directs it, it has a very haunting quality that further unfolds as the movie gets unfolded further. You can get the right degree of balance when it comes to getting engaged and having the requisite amount of chills.

The protagonist is the camera alarm system in charge of most of the homes and thus has inside information of every house. This knowledge further turns his life upside down. The movie attempts to explain the ills of persistent surveillance.

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Gerald’s Game

The movie has been rated to be one of the queasiest and gripping stories ever. It is a movie about a woman’s fight to survive, and she has a trauma buried within herself and moving towards a silent and slow death.

The woman is handcuffed to a bed in a remote cabin, and her husband suddenly dies of a heart attack during a tryst. The heartfelt and horrifying content of the movie should make it one of the promising options for the best mystery movies on Netflix.

Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes is a teenaged sister of the well-known detective Sherlock Holmes. Her mother suddenly disappears on her 16th birthday. The girl with great intelligence hunts down the mother and unearths a huge secret when doing so.

Great lead performance and a perfect adaptation of the book, it has definitely been considered to be one of the promising additions to the best mystery movies that you would ever come across. And yes, you will also have a sequel coming up.


The protagonist of the movie has a car crash that sends him into a coma for four days. Once out of it, he is not able to convince anyone about his identity. He is a bio technician, and a group of assailants is on his back to kill him.

He moves on to find the reasons behind his assassination attempt; he finds himself at the center of a conspiracy. The ones behind the attack belong to a terrorist organization. The actions and emotions in the movie do impress to the core. It is quite engaging as the best mystery movie ever.

Lost Girls

The movie is based on a true and unsolved murder mystery. The protagonist finds her girl child missing and requests the authorities to find the missing girl. The mother herself takes up the case of solving the mystery of her missing child.

Her inquiries led her to find a huge number of unsolved cases that involved the murder of sex workers. The best part with the movie is that it does sensationalize the crime, and the best character development is one of the prime factors that we loved with the movie.

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I’m Thinking of Ending Things

The mystery movie is based on a novel by the same name, and it follows a younger couple who are on a road trip. The movie may appear to be a little unrelated as it progresses, but still, you would find that there are several advanced experiences that you are set to witness.

The movie really offers you access to a very puzzling look and appearance. If you are checking out the best options for an outstanding mystery movie experience ever, this movie should be what would make you go gaga over it. A worthy collection for the best mystery movie on Netflix.

The Sinner

The movie is about the parents who their son murders. The culprit is just 11 years old, and that is exactly what makes it one of the excellent movies with a heart wrenching approach. The detective Harry Ambrose comes to his hometown to investigate the case.

The investigation draws him into the dark secrets of his hometown. The puzzle further gets more haunting, and he comes across the mysterious Vera, who is quite complicated.

The Invisible Guest- Mystery movies on Netflix

It is a 2016 movie, but still, you would find it one of the promising titles and can be the right choice for the best mystery movies on Netflix in 2021. The mystery movie has its origins in Spain and has been extremely successful in other regions of the world as well.

The twists and turns in the movie are quite impressive and make it a worthy watch if you are looking for a truly powerful mystery movie ever. The plot is all about a successful businessman who is accused of killing his lover, and he wakes up next to her dead body and has to prove that he has not killed her.

Paranoid- Mystery movies on Netflix

The movie stars a huge group of actors and can be called a multi-starer movie. The plot is about the murder of a local female GP which appears to be a straight case of murder. The incident takes place in a children’s playground in front of a huge number of eyewitnesses.

But, the facts are entirely different. The group of detectives begins unearthing the evidence that shows a dark truth about the murder or the death. The investigation takes them on a journey throughout Europe.

Designated Survivor- Mystery movies on Netflix

The story revolves around a low-level cabinet member. He has imagined that something spectacular is going to happen that would help him get into the Oval office. As things would have it, he is promoted to be the leader of the free world when an attack kills the president and most of the Cabinet.

He is suddenly given a huge responsibility and power. This makes him begin struggling to keep the country free from chaos and disintegration. He is unaware of the new horrors that await the United States.

Dirty John- Mystery movies on Netflix

The protagonist of the mystery movie has a perfect life, but that is what is seen from the outside. But, from the inside, she is missing love. She meets a charismatic Dr. John Meehan as tries to find true love in him. That explains the name of the movie.

Her daughters, however, believe that Mr. John is a conman and is out to loot her of her property. The two decide to investigate their mother’s new found love interest. The psychological manipulations of John take the entire family into its whirlwind.


If you want to enjoy this movie, never go into the synopsis and the plot. The movie can be best enjoyed if you move into the story without knowing much about it. It has been rated one of the best science fiction mystery movies on Netflix in recent times.

The perfect and outstanding performance by Lexy Kolker as seven-year-old Chloe I extremely impressive. She has spent her entire life cut off from the rest of the world inside the home with her father, and he has told her that the outside world is dangerous and she should never venture out. But when she ventures out, the story gets more powerful.

The Guest- Mystery movies on Netflix

The movie serves you a bit of everything – it can be called a thriller, a mystery movie, an action film, a dark comedy, and whatnot. The chilling performance by the protagonist of the movie further makes it a good addition to this list of the best mystery movies on Netflix you can watch.

The protagonist claims to be a combat veteran and meets up with a fallen soldier’s family. The twists and turns that take place as the movie processes make it all the more interesting and gripping. You can get a huge degree of chills, thrills, and everything in between.

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I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

That one is indeed one of the best options for the perfect horror flick that you would want o watch. It is quite unsettling and quite frightening at the same time. The plot revolves around a nurse who is caring for an ailing horror author.

She learns about the author’s fiction and his home. The thin line between the afterlife and physical life begins to thin out. The slow pace of the movie further makes it a good movie for the paced mystery movie experience.


The movie definitely makes it a worthy addition to the list of the best mystery movies on Netflix of all time with its stronger storyline that offers a combination of horror cum thriller. The plot revolves around a horror author who is deaf and dumb who lives in the forest all by herself.

She comes across a masked man who threatens to kill her, and she needs to keep him away from the house. The sound-based survival mystery movie offers you a very scary experience ever. This one should be one of the most successful movies ever that you would ever want to watch.

Prime Time

Are you checking out the best options for the edgy hostage drama? This movie should ideally meet almost all those expectations in a jiffy. The movie has a straight in your face sort of plot, and that can be one of the most frightening aspects of the movie. The Polish movie definitely is quite interesting with the brilliant performances and the riveting plot.

The protagonist of the movie locks himself up in the TV studio with his two hostages and a message for the world outside. The rest of the plot follows the attempts by the authorities to solve the tussle between the culprit and the police.

The Woman in the Window

The 2021 movie offers you access to one of the outstanding experiences in terms of a thriller and mystery movie. It can be the right choice if you love psychological thrillers. The story is all about a child psychologist who has agoraphobia, and she gets involved in a criminal case quite inadvertently.

The manic crackles and panic-stricken acting by the lead actress make it a treat to watch the movie. As the movie progresses, you find new secrets being revealed. The movie is based on A. J. Finn’s bestselling novel and does perfect justice to the original novel.

I Am All Girls- Mystery movies on Netflix

Yet another 2021 movie to complete this list of top 20 mystery movies on Netflix; this one comes all the way from South Africa. The movie’s dark and emotional plot impresses a ton, and the plot revolves around human trafficking and handles the topic in a very sensible manner.

The perfect woman-centric plot is one of the huge strengths of the movie. Quite a huge departure from the revenge movies that have filled the mystery movies sphere, the story does impress a lot. It is truly the right answer for your query on what is the best crime thriller on Netflix.

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The Final Words

The mystery genre has been one of the most searched genres ever among movie buffs. If you are a fan of mystery movies and trying to find the best possible option among them, the best thriller movies outlined in this compilation should be helpful for you in making the right choice.

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