New Year 2021

Given how popular animation has become in the latest days, due to the efforts of Pixar, Sony Pictures, Illumination Entertainment, as well as other companies, even small studios are ramping up their efforts to produce Best cartoon movies of 2021 on a large scale for distribution. 

However, with studios seeking to portray the image of cinema as “returning to normal” in 2021, the cartoon films which are released will be those that executives believe always had the best chance of attracting audiences. So here are the top 5 Best Cartoon Movies of 2021.

Tom And Jerry

At this March release, Tom and Jerry, themed on the legendary animated movie of the same name, will follow the titular cat and mouse as they cause havoc in a New York City hotel as part of their never-ending chase.

The film, like its predecessor, Space Jam 2, is a hybrid of animation and live-action. Among those expected to participate in live-action roles as members of the hotel staff are Rob Delaney, Chloe Moretz, Ken Jeong, and Michael Pea, among others.

The Boss Baby: Family Business– Best Cartoon Movies of 2021

The Boss Baby, a 2017 film by DreamWorks Animation, was indeed an unanticipated smash, grossing 528 million USD worldwide and garnering the studio an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated movie. A spin-off series, The Boss Baby: Back in Business, has been broadcast on Netflix for four seasons and is now available to stream.

The next sequel, The Boss Baby: Family Business, will follow the adventures of brothers Theo and Tim Templeton, who’ve already grown up since their first journey together and are now on their own paths in life. However, when Theo’s youngest daughter shows herself to be a field agent for BabyCorp, the three of them would have to band together in order to save the baby-kind they have created.

Clifford The Big Red Dog

In this adaptation of the popular children’s book series, Emily Elizabeth is introduced to Clifford the Big Red Dog, a little puppy that develops into an enormous dog in an instant.

In order to save Clifford, Emily & her Uncle Casey must travel across New York City in such a race against the clock in order to capture the attention of a greedy genetics corporation.

Raya & The Last Dragon

An aspiring warrior called Raya embarks on a quest to find a dragon capable of defeating the creatures threatening her home country of Kumandra.

The film stars Kelly Marie Tran in the title role as Raya, as well as Awkwafina in the role of Sisu, the dragon.

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Space Jam-Best Cartoon Movies of 2021

Lebron James and the Tune Squad are tasked with winning a basketball game against the villainous entity Al-G, who wields complete power over the whole Warner Bros. world, according to the official synopsis for the film.

As opposed to Lebron, who has just the Looney Tunes on his side, Al-squad G’s is made up of digitally recreated versions of real-life basketball stars, including LeBron James. It is one of the Best Cartoon Movies of 2021.

Final Words

So these were the top 5 Best Cartoon Movies of 2021 that you must definitely watch with your friends and family and enjoy the animated story. 

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