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While anime went on to become a popular entertainment mode in the 80s in Japan, it was in the 90s that they were equally popular and mainstream in the Western world. So while the 90s appear to be a huge time ago, it may be worthwhile to check out a few of the excellent options for the best 90s anime that are worthy of rewatching even in 2021. 

The 90s were when the anime 2021 genre went on to become one of the standard options ever across the globe. So let us explore a few of the great 90s animes that you should give a try. 

Key the Metal Idol

The protagonist of the movie is quite uncomfortable and fearful about a task that she has to go through. It can be your best bet for a grand Pinocchio adventure. She needs to make around 30,000 friends, and that is what she needs to do to become completely human. 

Then as she is on her task, she has to take a whole lot of criticism and allegoric experience. The anime show can be what would provide you access to a great degree of experience in the science fiction and mecha anime genre. The classic movie is what would make it one of the excellent choices ever. 

Sailor Moon- Anime worth Rewatching in 2021

Sailor Moon should be one of the excellent options for your entry into a wider world of anime. The movie is indeed quite powerful and poignant to the core. This anime can be seen as one of the excellent choices for the best magical genre of movies.  

The protagonist is a rebirth of Serenity, and she is on her duty to protect the planet earth. On account of adventures, she meets a masked man, and they together move on a struggle between the good and evil. 


The anime show was released in 1995 and revolves around Lina Inverse, who is always wandering around the world looting the bandits. She is waiting to loot the bandits one day and does not succeed. A foolish man saves her when the bandits arrest her. 

She stumbles upon a magical object among the things that she has stolen and finds that a great number of mysterious people begin running after them to get the item. That is how they begin their adventure and put the fate of the entire world at the stake. 

Serial Experiments Lain- Anime worth Rewatching in 2021

She is a withdrawn girl and quite introverted. But strange events begin happening between them. They are connected through a virtual world, and they get obsessed. The life of the girl turns upside down. 

The reason is that she begins encountering cryptic messages and mysteries one after the other. The men in Black begin appearing wherever she moves in to. You will also notice that the thin boundary between the reality and cyberspace blurring, and the girl moves into a web of bizarre events. 

Slum Dunk

The movie was released in 1993, and this one is completely sports centric. This anime show is based on the basketball theme and you should rewatch it in 2021. The show is definitely one of the excellent options for enjoying the best and pioneer basketball animes ever to rewatch in 2021. 

The anime is threaded across a huge range of genres. That would include action, comedy, drama, romantic tensions, and practically everything that you would want to enjoy. The anime has a wide range of a huge range of interesting characters. If you love sports centric animes, this is the right one for you. 

Blue Submarine No. 6

The world is submerged underwater, and the fish-human mutants attack them. The protagonist of the anime show joins the crew of Submarine No 6 to defeat the scientists behind the issue and attack. 

The show comes with only four episodes and the entertainment that provides you access to a great degree of experience. The computer graphics or CGI are not up to the mark, but you would still want to fall in love with the show. 

Fushigi Yuugi

The two girls in the anime show get sucked inside the book, and they need to gain three wishes. To do this, they need to find all the celestial heroes to summon Shenron. You would ideally love the shoujo anime and appreciate it to the core. 

Each of the celestial characters will keep fighting between themselves. The constant spark between the celestial characters can be something you would find much interesting. The main couple of the show gets their love entangled. 

Master Keaton

The anime show Master Keaton is not a single story to rewatch in 2021. Instead, it has a wide range of compilation of dozens of narratives. Each of the narratives and stories has Keaton as the standard character. The protagonist is smart and intelligent, and it does have a diverse set of skillsets. 

The movie has a huge range of options, including archeology, insurance, or a survival type scenario. The anime show also has a little bit of romance thrown in. That would mean you will have access to practically every genre. 

Yu Yu Hakusho

This is an Isekai anime show and is one of the excellent options for the best 90s animes. It can be quite a different option when you compare it with most of the modern anime shows. It does not go into the trodden path, but offer you a huge range of benefits. 

The anime show has a great range of old revival trope. It does not have any harem centric theme, which would perhaps make it an extremely different anime show in its genre. The show is all about a 14 year old delinquent who the gods save for his sacrifice. 

Cowboy Bebop

Have a look at any of the lists featuring the best 90s animes, and you will find Cowboy Bebop being featured in every list. The anime show has been considered to be one of the Shinichiro Watanabe’s best works. 

The show highlights the ups and downs and the highs and lows of the characters’ lives. The anime show comes with an episodic format, and you would definitely find it one of the excellent anime shows ever. 

Great Teacher Onizuka

That is a hilarious classic anime to rewatch in 2021. You would ideally find much impressive. The movie is one of the excellent options for the 90s animes and belongs to a Japanese manga genre. The anime show has a plot of a young boy who is previously a bike gang leader, and now he has become a great teacher. 

The administration is strict enough, and even the students are a little unruly. Their main aim is to send the great teacher away. How he fights, this is the main story of the anime. It is indeed one of the best classics that you would not want o miss out on. 

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Martian Successor Nadesico

This is one of the highly popular mecha anime shows to rewatch in 2021. You would find it offers you the greatest degree of experience ever. The movie is all about the most light hearted options that you would find most rewarding. You would find it belonging to the harem kind of animes and has two giant robots in the lead. 

The anime show does bring in a wide range of fun and games. But it is not only about fun or games, but also speaks a lot about the heavy subject matter. So you would definitely find the movie one of the excellent choices ever among the best 90s animes. 

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

If you are checking out for the best anime show that showcases a genius protagonist, this should be one of the perfect anime shows that you would want to go with. The story revolves around the captain who climbs through the ranks in the midst of an ongoing space war. 

The protagonist is known for great tactics, but is also quite lazy and laidback in his approach. However, he leads one ship after the other and comes out unaffected. The captain definitely puts high standards for the men in uniform. 

Digimon- Anime worth Rewatching in 2021

The movie Digimon was initially thought to be an incarnation of Pokémon. But, no. it is indeed an isekai anime show that you would want to rate as one of the greatest 90s anime shows. The characters, the hype, and the cast are all quite diverse and unique in every right. The subject matter of the show is quite unique and exciting. 

The subject matter is quite serious and delicate for an anime. However, dealing with the mature subject such as death and divorce has been handled really in a very careful manner. That should ideally make it quite rewatchable. 

Dragon Quest: Dai’s Great Adventure

The Dragon quest is perhaps one of the animes that is revisited due to the extreme nostalgia elements associated with the genre and the character. The anime to rewatch in 2021, is not quite interesting, but it has a great deal of the 90s legacy. 

One of the best aspects that would make it a good option for rewatching is that it was remade in 2020, and maybe it would be quite interesting to compare the original version with the new adaptation. 

Hell Teacher Nube

If you are looking for some of the good and spooky horror anime shows, this one should definitely be a great choice to go with. The plot of the movie is about a teacher who is also an exorcist. you would find all the demons and spirits plague the teacher and the students. 

The anime isn’t gory in a serious manner, but you will find it having an old-school edge. The huge number of monsters can be a little too much. But, nevertheless, if you are someone who loves spooky shows, this one should be the right one for you. 

Gundam Wing

The Gundam series has always been quite impressive, and it has been one o the shows that have run an impressive show in the United States. The show was telecast on Cartoon Network Toonami and was an instant hit. 

Of course, the Gundam Wing is not necessarily the best among the lot, but even then, it does pack in all the goodies that the series is known for. The protagonist and his actions may be boring at times, but even then – you will find it to be one of the promising options for the best 90s animes that you would want to give a try. 

Yu-gi-oh- Anime worth Rewatching in 2021

The anime show to rewatch in 2021, is about a high school kid who is always bullied in school till he showed his ability by solving a millennium puzzle. The kid become a friend with the ones who were bullying him and manages to beat the world champion in the game. 

The first season was aired in Japan in the 90s and became a much more popular franchise ever. It wasn’t, however, aired in the US for the supposedly violent content. There have been several seasons of the anime show aired so far, but the season 0 definitely lives up to the expectations.

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Slam Dunk

The show is about a boy who was a gang leader in the past. He is rejected by every girl he meets because they fear him. Then, one fine day, he meets a girl who is not afraid of him and wants him to do a slam dunk in the gym. 

The slam dunk series was launched in the 90s and was immensely popular. The animations may not be great, but the anime show definitely impresses you with its great content and plot. It can indeed be a great anime show for those of you who love sports centric animes. 

Rurouni Kenshin- Anime worth Rewatching in 2021

The protagonist has been a war veteran and has perhaps taken part in a war before. He is wandering in Japan and learns swordsmanship from Kaoru Kamiya. Protagonist does not want to kill anyone anymore and wants to help people in distress. He keeps making new friends as he stays with Kaoru Kamiya. 

The series became quite popular in Japan in the 90s. the anime may not be suitable for the kids as it has violence and profanity. However, a new live action movie is planned based on the anime, and that should make you understand the great value that the anime show carries. 

The Final Wrap Up

The animes have always been something that has attracted people across all ages. The 90s animes do carry a nostalgic value attached to them, and if you are a 90s kid, you have become considerably mature by now. You would definitely find it a treasure to watch those 90s animes now. The list of the best 90s animes outlined here should provide you with a great degree of experience ever. 

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