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After We Fell is already available for audiences in some specific countries of the world. However, the US and UK audience of the famous After series still have to wait for the upcoming twists in Hardin and Tessa’s life. 

The third part of the movie takes inspiration from the last part named After We Collided. In, After We Collided, we saw Hardin and Tessa being split up. We also saw the arrival of a new love interest for Tessa. This new role came in the role of Trevor.

At the end of the movie, we noticed that the couple had patched up with the differences and misunderstandings. But a new twist came up in the end with the arrival of Tessa’s father.

We can see a lot more in the upcoming part of the series- After We Fell. Here’s everything you should know about the third part of the After series 

When will After We Fell be released?

As we have already mentioned above, After We Fell is already released in Canada and Mexico. The After 3 release date isn’t too far away in the US also. After 3 will get special screenings on September 30 and October 4 in the US cinemas.

It has been confirmed in the UK that After we fell would be skipping the release in cinemas. It will get released on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video will also release the movie in France.

After Ever Happy has also been filmed with After We Fell. This means that we might have to wait too long for the fourth movie. However, a release date is not yet for the fourth part. After Ever Happy has also been filmed with After We Fell. This means that we might not have to wait too long for the fourth movie. However, a release date is not yet confirmed for the fourth part.

According to sources, the movie will be followed by a prequel and a sequel. The director of After We Fell and After Ever Happy will write as well as direct the two new movies. The prequel will focus on a younger Hardin and the sequel will be based on Tessa and Hardin’s kids.

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After 3 cast: Who’s coming back in After We Fell?

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin will be seen in the role of Tessa and Hardin.

Due to scheduling conflicts and the team’s decision to shift the filming to Bulgaria, Charlie Weber (Christian), Stefan Rollins (Richard Young), Shane Paul McGhie (Landon), Candice King (Kimberly), Karimah Westbrook (Karen) and Selma Blair (Carol Young) haven’t returned.

Their roles were recast with Stephen Moyer (Christian), Atanas Srebrev (Richard Young), Frances Turner (Karen), Chance Perdomo (Landon), Arielle Kebbel (Kimberly), and Mira Sorvino (Carol Young).

The official Instagram account of the After movie series shared a post discussing the cast of the movie-

The caption was- “We know you’ve been waiting and are beyond excited to share some exciting news with you! @chance_perdomo has been cast as “Landon”, @stephenmoyer as “Christian Vance”, @mirasorvino as “Carol”, @ariellekebbel as “Kimberly” and @carterjenkins as “Robert”. Now that they’re officially part of the After family alongside @hero_ft @josephinelangford @louiselombard, @robestes8 let’s show them all the love ❤ ❤.”

After We Fell will also have Fear Street‘s famous star, Kiana Madeira, in the role of Nora, Rob Estes as Ken, Carter Jenkins as Robert, Louise Lombard as Trish, Angela Sari as Lillian, and Anton Kottas as Smith Vance.

What is the plot of After We Fell?

The third part of After movie series is based on the novels of a famous author named Anna Todd. The movie will continue to deepen the intense romance between Hardin and Tessa. However, in After 3, the couple will be seen facing more external issues. 

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Who is Josephine Langford?

Josephine Langford was born in 1997 on 18 August. She is a famous Australian actress. Josephine Langford is well known for her role as Tessa Young in the After movie series. She was also seen in the role of Emma Cunningham in the Netflix film Movie.

Who is Hero Fiennes Tiffin?

Hero Fiennes Tiffin was born on 6 November 1997. He is a famous English producer, actor, model. Hero Fiennes Tiffin is famous for his role as Hardin Scott in the After movie series.

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